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Whether you are feeling naughty, playful or bored there is something in this book for everyone. Not only will you learn various sex positions, you will also learn techniques for foreplay that will have both you and your partner spinning! This book contains proven tips, techniques and strategies on how to stimulate your partner leading to better and more intense sex. Learn techniques that range from foreplay, to finding her G-Spot, to the art of oral sex and more.

Sex Positions: Ultimate Sex Bible for His and Her Pleasure by Emily Spade
English | 17 Jan. 2017 | ASIN: B01NATRHNS | 65 Pages | PDF | 458 KB

Why? There are so many tips which are being told in this book through which you will be able to rescue your relationship. Then rethink about it. Please remember that it is only you two who can save the relationship. Remember that no issues can be significant until and unless you make it big. You need to control yourself and then you will be able to save this relationship. As you two were the ones who wanted to be in this relationship, then just don’t let it get spoiled over petty issues! Because this might be wrong! If you think that your relationship has come to an end and now nothing can be done about it.

Hot Sex: 13 Ways To Rescue Your Lazy, Boring Sex Life by Brett Taylor
English | 5 Jan. 2017 | ASIN: B01N4LEH96 | 41 Pages | PDF | 7.8MB

It essentially and simply needs to be in favor of advising you that it is OK to attempt. The best way to get them educated that it is not really denied nor hard to do. This book doesn’t do anything cruel nor anything troublesome. This book is written for that sort of feeling subsequently it was made to be short yet conservative and brimming with data. There is a lasting nervousness of engaging in sexual relations most particularly with preservationist ones. In minutes, you can complete this book, and will take in the energizing sex positions that will make you eager to attempt immediately.

Hot Sex: 9 Engaging Sex Positions Like None Other by Brett Taylor
English | 2 Jan. 2017 | ASIN: B01N0X8H4D | 37 Pages | PDF | 6.19 MB

There is a mystery that you ought to know. Don’t you need to make her need you over and over? Don’t you need to discover how to make her shout with delight? It will set your sex ablaze and it will blaze all hints of weariness! A mystery that will make your sexual coexistence feel like Heaven. This book will give you extremely valuable bits of data that will help upgrading your sexual coexistence and your relationship!

Hot Sex: 9 Pleasurable Ways To Make Your Partner Scream by Brett Taylor
English | 29 Dec. 2016 | ASIN: B01N7NHK5V | 37 Pages | PDF | 6,08 MB

Why is he seeking sexual gratification elsewhere? Within the pages of this book is the interior of ancient knowledge passed down from civilization to civilization that they don’t teach you in schools because they don’t want you to know. Many perplexing questions and you have had too little answers. Search no more. Why do some women possess the sexual skills to steal your man?Why are some women and men so great at oral sex? What is it about some women why men gravitate to them and stick to them? Growing evidence in the failure of millions of relationships suggests a missing chapter in human sexuality. King once again explores the sophisticatedscience and art in this very practical guide on how to master oral sex and placing a spell on the guy your heart desire.

How to Become the Greatest at Oral Sex 2: The Practical Guide by Jessica King
English | 14 Jan. 2017 | ISBN: 1542532698 | 78 Pages | PDF | 1,04 MB

The goddess of Love, Romance, Lust, Sex, Magic, Transformation and Beauty. Learn the secret art to mastering Oral Sex and making your partner’s bodybreathtakingly weak and compelling towards your delicate touch. Learn something even more profoundly powerful; how to perfect anduse youralluring, captivating, magnetically attractive and spellbinding charmsand powers of consciousness and seduction to wield a seductivepower over the one your heart desires. A mastery that borders on thesupernatural,an ancient power to spiritually awake the divine goddesslying dormantinside you.

How to Become the Greatest at Oral Sex by Jessica King
English | 21 Oct. 2014 | ISBN: 150290277X, 1497459249 | 58 Pages | PDF | 935 KB

But this is not the case in the terms of books. You are surely going to believe it once you read this book.
There are so many solutions to the different situations that arouse in a relationship and their solutions are being given in a great detail. It is believed that the books are our best friends and this is absolutely true in the regard of relationships.
This book has the solution to all your problems regarding any kind of situation in a relationship.

Special Sex Positions by Brett Taylor
English | 41 pages | PDF | 3.3 MB